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Reformation: The Next Chapter

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Reformation: The Next Chapter Empty Reformation: The Next Chapter

Post by Kravis on Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:45 pm


The Seer, Randall Sloane, Stands in his office. Looking over thousand of files all accumilated during the SR-1 Barbarossa's mission. Regarding Aaetrius' betrayal, Nygus' origins, and several other reports from numerous missions. The Seer looks on at the information with fire in his eyes. He seems to have his fist clenched heavily in some sort of rage or tension. After a few moments he exhales and digs his hand into his pocket. He pulls a necklace out of his pocket and looks over it saying "Oh Serena, I promise this will come to a close soon. You and Lina will be able to rest soon enough.."

Two burly looking operatives wearing heavy armor colored in black and silver design step into the room. Dragging a figure between them. They come to a halt and remain standing quietly in the dark. The only light coming from their silver lights glowing on their armor and masks. Mr. Sloane slides the necklace into his pocket saying "Adjutant...Have the crew dock at the Citadel for now until further instructions..There are still problems that we need to deal with regarding the Geth and the destruction of the rest of these Valluvian Priests." Adjutant appears as a hologram on the nearby QEC communication panel asking "What about the Reapers, sir?" Sloane looks up and turns around behind him. The two operatives throw the figure forward on his knees. He breathes heavily and looks up. Revealing himself to be Nygus, badly beaten and with recent scars in his head. Sloane looks down at him with a sneer saying with a dismissive tone.

"I don't need the Barbarossa anymore. I have everything I need to cripple the Reapers myself." He smiles.
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