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Grunt Minors

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Grunt Minors Empty Grunt Minors

Post by Lapis on Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:43 pm

The Unggoy, referred to colloquially as Grunts, are the lowest ranking species in the hierarchy of the Covenant, and are frequently seen being mistreated by almost every higher-ranking race. They are primarily used as expendable cannon fodder in combat. Grunts are quick to panic if their leadership is crippled, or they feel helpless against a superior foe. the Grunts breathe methane rather than oxygen, and wear breather masks and carry tanks of methane in their backpacks.

Grunt Minors are perhaps the most numerous of any Covenant infantry, being deployed in large groups with higher ranking Grunts or a few Elites as leadership. They wear orange armor and carry Needlers or Plasma Pistols.

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A typical Grunt Minor wielding a Plasma Pistol
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