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Post by Kravis on Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:16 pm

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The year is 2186, the worst fears of the galaxy have been realized. The Reapers, a race of synthetic-organic starships have entered the galaxy to enact a cycle of harvesting that occurs every 50,000 years. Every major race in the galaxy has stood defiantly in the face of this total annihilation, fighting to the last and surviving at any costs. Alone, they are all failing.

There is but one last hope against the threat of extinction. The SSV Normandy is gathering every major force in the galaxy together to stand against the Reapers in one grand plan. All the while, the galaxy is left to struggle to survive.

You have been inducted into the 2nd MSRC stationed aboard the SSV Constantinople, an Alliance SR1 Frigate under command of the Spectre Commander Greene. You may have found yourself here in a variety of ways, be it by transfer, being found alone on the battlefield or volunteering yourself to be in one of the most premier Reconnaissance units of the Alliance in the galaxies most dire time of need.
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