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OMNI-MAIL: "A Last Statement." By

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OMNI-MAIL: "A Last Statement." By Empty OMNI-MAIL: "A Last Statement." By

Post by Revival on Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:22 am

This Email seems to have been mass-sent to everyone on the Vanguard’s crew, and is clearly set up in the event that Hekoh’s pulse has been non-responsive for over twenety minutes.

If this message is sent out correctly, that means all of you have seen my passing, or at least heard of it. It’s a shame, I know. I apologize for whatever action I did to cause my demise, may it be a sacrifice or Kepral’s Syndrome. I don’t want to make any last wills to anyone on the crew, but I have a last request for all of you.

I want you all to at least donate a small, or big portion of the funds you gain from this mission to Dylan Oshner’s Family. I want you to send it to them, they desperately need it, I’m not even sure if they are alive or not. The reason why Oshner came on this crew was to end his own families suffering of financial debt, he was looking out for them and not himself. He sacrificed himself to save me, and I want you all to do the same for his family. However, there’s something else that was bothering me.

Before I came up to the meeting, it was clear that the Reapers may have indoctrinated me, or I was seeing things. I spoke with Bris before the departure of our mission against Aaetrius. Me and her spoke about how no one helped her on the bridge, how I was too late to save her. She was right, I was too late… however, I want to make sure you all knew this too, you were all guilty for it as was I. The next time someone comes into that peril; you are to make sure their lives come first. Don’t let vengeance cloud your thoughts like they did to me.

If you guys are going to do a prayer for my funeral, take a look at the second page of my prayer book, it’s the same one I used for my own sister, Atara. The one I slain on the job for the Hanar military, that is my last wish.

Goodbye, and may I see you all on the other side of the shore.

Hekoh Thouk

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