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Hospital Corpsman Information

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Hospital Corpsman Information Empty Hospital Corpsman Information

Post by Sillykilla on Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:15 pm

Hospital Corpsman Information

What is a Hospital Corpsman?:

A Hospital Corpsman is a highly trained Naval medical technician. Corpsmen are deployed throughout the UNSC Navy, working in field hospitals and vessels alike to provide professional-standard medical care to service members. Hospital Corpsman may receive additional training to be deployed with marines serving in combat roles on the ground. In addition Corpsman who either have been serving for a long time or a recruit who just entered the UNSC Navy may go and receive training to become a SARC Corpsman who are trained with advanced medical aid care and partake in the same special forces selection process as the Marines they care for.

Whose authority do Corpsmen fall under?:

Hospital Corpsmen who have been attached to Marine units fall under the command of the COs and NCOs of that unit, regardless of being a part of the Naval Hospital Corps ranking structure. They are not part of a separate chain of command.

What authority do Corpsmen have?:

Hospital Corpsmen have no commanding authority in the field - they will never lead squads or fire teams and they will never direct Marine deployment. In extreme medical situations in the field the Corpsman may be able to direct and take charge to ensure the best chances at a patient(s) survival.

What kind of training do Corpsmen have?:

To be fielded with the UNSC Marine Corps, and Hospital Corpsman must have already gone through numerous stages of training. The first is Navy 'A' School which is the basic technical school for the UNSC Navy. The Corpsman get their first introduction to medicine and get familiar with treating patients. For a Corpsman to serve with a standard marine unit they must go through Field Medical Service School where they learn the in's and outs of field care and partake in the basic training and weapon courses similar to the marines. The Corpsman to now become a SARC must go through Special Operations Combatant Medic Course where they learn the in's and out's of operating as a Special Operations capable medical personnel training in scenarios and more ways of treating a patient. Following that they must go through the same selection and training process as the Force Recon Marines and finally once they've reached the required rank they may undergo Navy Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman Course where they learn advanced medical field care and a grueling screening and selection process.

How are SARC's Deployed in Force Recon units?:

SARC's are deployed in the Recon elements having one SARC per element in the given fireteam. in addition they may have a SOIDC attached to the Platoon or Company HQ.

Hospital Corpsman Ranks :

E-9 - Master Chief Hospital Corpsman (HMCM)

E-8 - Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman (HMCS)

E-6 - Hospital Corpsman First Class (HM1)

E-5 - Hospital Corpsman Second Class (HM2)

E-4 - Hospital Corpsman Third Class (HM3)

E-3 - Hospitalman (HN)

E-2 - Hospitalman Apprentice (HA)

E-1 - Hospitalman Recruit (HR)

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