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SARC Medical Kit

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SARC Medical Kit Empty SARC Medical Kit

Post by Sillykilla on Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:56 pm

SARC Medical Kit
The standard items issued to corpsman in their Medical Kits on their chest, backpack and waist.

Nitrile gloves - Sterile gloves used for the treating of patients in the field.

Elastic Bandage roll - Long roll of a elastic bandage used to secure dressings or splints.

Field Gauze - used to pressure bandage wounds and stop blood loss.

Combat Gauze - Clots wound quickly when having pressured applied to it

Occlusive dressing - Airtight gauze in a waxy substance.

Hydrogen Peroxide - Standard disinfectant

Tourniquet - used to restrict blood flow to a certain area, very painful application used when only all other attempts to stabilize has failed.

Shears - sharp pair of medical scissors.

SAM Splints - Used to stabilize broken bones so it cannot move and cause further pain

Saline - Used for patients with blood loss

Water-Jel bandages - used for treating minor burn wounds.

- different types of auto injectors with different types of medication to treat a patient. uses are as a painkiller, sedative, allergic reactions and anti-psychotic episodes.

Biomedical foam - used by corpsman in the field and its purpose is a anti-bacterial self sealing tissue regenerating foam

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