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Getting Started

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Getting Started Empty Getting Started

Post by Vasiil on Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:21 am

You're a new player and you need to get started. This is a simple step by step process of getting integrated into the server. If you are not an admin using this then make sure you are speaking to an admin to let them know of your decisions and so they can answer any of your questions on the way.

Step 1: Content. If you don't already have the content you can get it here: now you can let that DL as you follow the rest of the steps.

Step 2: Server Loading Screen. This page is meant to describe the specific situation of the Human-Covenant war and your characters role in it. Make sure to read this through.

Step 3: Choosing a specialization. You should at this point look through all the specializations that are available. While you do not have to choose one right off the bat, it is highly recommended.

Step 4: Setting up your CSV. While you're still waiting take the time to set up a CSV. This will guide you through making decisions about the basics of who your character is.

Step 5: Go ahead and connect, you're at a much better start than most people usually are.

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