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Morgan Shield [Outdated]

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Morgan Shield [Outdated] Empty Morgan Shield [Outdated]

Post by Revival on Sat Jul 21, 2018 3:12 pm

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Personnel Identification Information

Personnel Identification Image:

Morgan Shield [Outdated] 14258

Unit Name: Morgan Lyndon Shield
Unit Aliases: N/A
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Age: 29
Unit Ranking: SvC
Service Tag: 49121-45148-MS

Physical Appearance: 6' / Late Twenties/ Dark Black Skin Tone / Dark Brown Eyes / Muscular Body / Chiseled Face / Small Heart Necklace On Neck / Standard USMC Armor / Rough Voice

Vocal Sample:


Personnel Military Information

Training: Basic USMC Training, CQC Specialization,   
Assignment: 8th MEF, 8th MEB, 36th Marine Regiment, Fox Reconnaissance Platoon
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Post(s): TBA
MOS/Specialization: Pointman
Awards and Decorations: TBA
Battle/Engagement Record: TBA
Graduating Class: 2546
Casualty Classification: N/A
Time In Service: One Year


Medical History:

Broken Left Shoulder:
Cause - Brute lifting him up, headbutting his helmet; causing it to dent, then pulling his left arm in a twisting motion, causing immense damage.
Treatment - Makeshift splint holding left arm in place by Lance Bueille, injection of painkillers by Ensign ONI Convoy members.
Date - 7/27/2457

Stab Wound on Right Thigh
Cause - Cloaked Unit stabbing him in thigh with Energy Sword.
Treatment - Biofoam administered by ODST Team Member

Broken Left Shoulder, Ripped Off Left Arm
Cause - Brute Warload Gripping tightly on his left arm, pulling him away and tearing his left arm off.
Treatment: Administered Bio-foam and elastic bandages, awaiting Prosthetic arm

Organization Relationships

Faction Allegiance:UNSCDF
Listed Liked Factions: Humanity
Listed Disliked Factions: The Covenant
Listed Neutral Factions: Any unlisted,
Hostile Factions: Any Alien Species, The Covenant

Personal Relationships



William Osbourne: ODST Man, the one who actually knows what he's doing. Wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't more of an asset on the field.


For the past few months with this crew, me and him worked together a lot, and we know our training well through. He was a good partner and I hope he sticks with it.

James Banner: The leader of our marine unit, he's got good motivation beind what he says and doesn't take shit from anyone.


James Banner has a pretty damn good leadership quality, chose me as corporal for some reason, but I'm trusting his reasoning. I'm not going to let this crew down with his stamp of approval.

Greger Vikerson: Sergeant boy; old Space Ranger type. He's a decent leader and me and him get along.


Me and Greger handle eachother pretty decently, we know our strengths and weaknesses, and you don't normally see a man take a gravity hammer to the chest and live to tell the tale.


Lilith Kei: She has her own problems she needs to work out. I'd be willing to help her out, but I'm hoping I don't have to. I know that same type of deal she did, it wasn't pretty being smoked in front of everyone whenever I zoned out, but it kept me determined.

Joseph Santiago: Ah the kid who chews on chocolate bars, yeah he's a good kid, he needs to hold off on jumping the gun. He can get a bit overbearing on my work and needs to listen better.

Douglas Caster: Our In-House Corpsman, and he knows how to do his job well, he handled taking care of Mason pretty damn well and did some stellar work.

Lance Bueille: Ah, French Fry; the White Flag Warrior. Yeah, I'm not trusting him with my life, well - at least in combat. He froze up a bit when my arm was torn from my fucking socket, so I'm not sure what's going to go on.


He's proved himself to me, he ain't spacing out like he used to, and it's a good thing.

Jex Mason: ODST kid, The wonder boy, the rock kid. The absolute jackass of an ODST marine, pretty sure he's making Osbourne bad because of how he acts. Guy also thought he could just run up on some Elite because he saw it in a video game or something; he's gotta learn something here. This ain't a video game, this is real life; and it ain't going to give you a second chance.

Jan Plamenomet: Slav-Man, A weapon specialist who's honestly a bit of a hard-head. Who gives a shit though, he does his job, puts up a decent fight and wants to knock down Mason a peg.






Personal History:

Morgan Shield was born on the Colony of Actium and lived there up until its inevitiable glassing in 2745, before the glassing took place, Morgan Shield was living with his wife Clara and his daughter Nikki and his father Darius on the family farm, where he lived for the majority of his life. As soon as Morgan Shield was put into refugee care; Morgan chose to sign up for the Military Service.

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Morgan Shield [Outdated] Empty Re: Morgan Shield [Outdated]

Post by Revival on Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:02 am

Updaated Vocals (Pyke -> Frylock)

Updated Relationships
(Added Kei, Caster, Santiago. Updated Osborne, Banner, Vikerson, Bueille)

Updated Medical Logs of Recent Major IC injuries sustained on battlefield.

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