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OMNI-LOG :: Barrik Volgun :: Belly of the beast. Empty OMNI-LOG :: Barrik Volgun :: Belly of the beast.

Post by Kravis on Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:19 am

"So, let me recount the past few hours that I've been stuck down here. When we came back from the dustbowl I went down into engineering to fix a problem with the mass effect field core. Well, everything was going smooth. One thing that was a bit off is that Adjutant wanted me to head down into the internals to fix a problem with the core's capacitor. I went down into the tunnels and the worse thing that could happen, happened. I got fucking stuck."

"I've had to fix the capacitor to keep it at a stable level for FTL travel but I had no way of telling the crew that I was down there. The capacitor must've fried electronics. So my best guess is that Addy thinks my suit's signal is still in engineering. Yeah. That would explain a lot since people don't seem all too bothered that I haven't been seen for the past 24 HOURS."

I have nothing but a grain bar to eat."

"I'm done waiting around to see if someone is going to come get me.. looks like I'm getting out the hard way."
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