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OMNI-MAIL: "Coming Clean" from

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OMNI-MAIL: "Coming Clean" from Empty OMNI-MAIL: "Coming Clean" from

Post by miaciucci on Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:58 pm

Your omni-tool lights up. You received an e-mail from Whitney.

     I wanted to speak to everyone about my past, but I thought doing it in person would come off as self-centered (especially to some of you). I felt the best decision was to send out a mass e-mail. If you have any questions regarding anything in this message, feel free to speak with me.
When I became a captain-rank agent for MIIP, I designed a set of cybernetics that would enhance the abilities I often used in my job. When they were approved, I had them implanted into myself, and I became the prototype. MIIP found, after a significant increase in mission performance, that investing in a set of cybernetics for all twelve agents would be beneficial. I was hired to design the 11 other sets, each designed personally for the agent’s skillset. Some of the qualities of my set will interest you all, so I’m coming clean about them now. If you have any questions regarding the other sets of cybernetics for any reason, feel free to speak with me.
     designed a set of eyes with the potential to switch to night vision and thermal. They are also with, essentially, cameras that provide a live feed of the agent’s surroundings to the MIIP headquarters in Ohio. I also designed a nervous system that allows the HQ to see how I’m moving my body, but there are some flaws to this system that I’ll explain later. The nervous system also blocks any neuron that carries a pain signal, so I do not feel pain. I feel pressure instead. I am also immune to all known toxins, and 87 percent of poisons or chemicals. Finally, MIIP only allowed me to use their funds to create my cybernetics if I created a safety measure that insures I didn’t go rogue. A kill switch in the heart that can be remotely activated by the head of MIIP. If I suddenly revealed information about MIIP, any of the missions, etc., then a tank infused into the spinal cord injects a fatal liquid, which would kill me instantly.
     I am not dead, obviously. This is because I had a high-risk surgery (yes, by Lee Yun, which is how I found out about his double-agency) to disable the tracking parts of each cybernetic part. The liquid is not only lethal when in contact with organic material, but it is also the power source for every tracking piece. I added a small port in the tank where the liquid can be drained when I designed the set. I recently had the liquid removed. I posses the liquid, so don't worry. It hasn't gotten into the wrong hands. Now that the liquid isn't in the tank, the eye cameras, nerve trackers, and both microphones are no longer powered. Unfortunately, I cannot provide proof of this. Hopefully my word is enough.
     You are most definitely most concerned about the months of live footage that has been sent directly to MIIP about our mission. You obviously have the right to feel this way. Hopefully, my word is, again, convincing.
     MIIP has eleven people that are now hunting me. They know the name of our ship, our plans, they know everything I know up until last night. However, the Seer has an unknown amount of employees, a seemingly infinite amount of resources, and the bite to back up his bark. We are safe. If MIIP tries to find us, all eleven will be executed. If MIIP tries to intercept the mission, I am more than capable of handling them on my own. If any of you, for a moment, feel threatened or uncomfortable by my former agency, I will right the wrong in the most efficient and clean way possible. Yes, the Captain is already aware of this. I confirmed that things were alright with him first before I told everyone.
     You might be wondering why I joined this crew. It is not because MIIP sent me. They had absolutely no idea that our task force was being formed before I asked my representation to draw a cross-faction contract for me, so I could join. Basically, I joined this crew because I, personally, wanted to be here. MIIP did not send me. I had to jump through hoops to get on this crew because I believe in its cause. I believe in this mission enough to go rogue from the agency that saved my life.
     Finally, Whitney Abbot is the name that MIIP gave me. If you are all comfortable, still, with calling me by the name that this now-clearly evil agency gave me, then I will continue to use it. I have no preference between my legal name and my birth name.

If you have any questions at all, any concerns, anything, please talk to me. I understand this is a lot to take in, but hopefully, you will all appreciate my honesty and understand that I could have died plenty of times while trying to make this work as secretly as I can.


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