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A Question Finally Answered

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A Question Finally Answered Empty A Question Finally Answered

Post by Pepper on Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:08 pm

A Question Finally Answered Citadel_space_symbol_by_engorn-d46z65q

"Are there fish in the lakes of the Persidium?"

"This question has been asked many times over the years and no one can seem to get a straight answer about it."

"Until Now."

A Question Finally Answered 1518986-presidium
"Lake Citadel is a quartered off section of one of these lakes in the Persidium, where people can fish to their heart's desire. As the extranet site puts it."

Meet the sole proprietor of Lake Citadel, Anne Kelce Rayburn. She is an Earth native and decided to bring a little piece of Earth with her. "It's pretty uncommon for anyone in my family to be this far from home so I figured I would bring a little bit of home with me. I also want to share the wonders of fishing with the people and aliens of the Citadel, it's the least I can do. While this is a piece of home, I have included non-Earth species to remind others of home as well. Lake Citadel is cheap and fun for the whole family, make sure to come on down!"
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