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Turian Hierarchy unveils 'Thanix' weapons system

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Turian Hierarchy unveils 'Thanix' weapons system Empty Turian Hierarchy unveils 'Thanix' weapons system

Post by Lapis on Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:06 pm

Turian Hierarchy unveils 'Thanix' weapons system Citadel_space_symbol_by_engorn-d46z65q

"Early this morning, Primarch Fedorian came before the galaxy on the Citadel alongside famed Hierarchy physicist Caelso Maurtis and renowned naval engineer Veso Tandas to announce the 'Thanix' weapons system. Based off of Sovereign's devastating beam weaponry, the Thanix system fires a superheated liquid alloy of iron, uranium, and tungsten suspended in an element zero field and accelerated to a small fraction of the speed of light. The weapon generates immense amounts of heat, but is extremely effective, capable of cutting through all but the toughest of kinetic barriers and armor plating. The Systems Alliance, Asari Republics, and Salarian Union all immediately expressed interest in purchasing the technology to use in their navies. Primarch Fedorian commented that, "If such foes exist, and are capable of being constructed, we must be ready. Never again will the Citadel, or any other world, suffer at the hands of the Geth.""
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