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Tiron Field Report

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Tiron Field Report Empty Tiron Field Report

Post by Vasiil on Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:41 am

Barbarossa Intelligence Report
Prepared by Gabriel Staffen

Section 1: State of Tiron
Tiron is the largest city state on Aite boasting the most expansive outer border compared to every other city state on the planet, they also hold about 350,000 of the 1.5 million population. Most of this population is centered in the city but there are also outlying farms, coastal shipping and fishing areas and ranches. Lot's of them too, like I said it's the largest outer border of any city state. Tirons population is a mix of human and citadel council species with a minority of non council krogan, batarians and the like. Compared to other city states, Tiron is five times better off, have their shit together much more than the smaller squabbling city states, like an empire surrounded by tribes. With that being said, the Tironian Guard Corps is the largest and most formidable force on the planet, maintaining two divisions of professional soldiers and a division of militia, still no match for a Geth incursion this large.

Section 2: The Geth Incursion
This is the largest Geth Incursion since the Battle of the Citadel, dwarfing even the incident on Trident when they had to send in an MSRC to deal with the situation. I gathered data from all surveillance equipment as well as the orbital force defending Tiron overhead. The cities corvettes didn't last long at all and they're now resting groundside. Hundreds of Geth dropships landed all around the city, dozens tried to land directly inside the city but the automated gauss cannon defence network held them off. This isn't stopping the geth however, their mobile forces outside the city are now moving in, encircling the city and preparing to move in. Tironian Guards have the Geth outgunned for now with their Makos and Gauss towers but they're horribly outnumbered and losing irreplaceable firepower each day. No neighboring city states, ally or not, are willing to help, they're just not that crazy. Tirons defenses aren't gonna last a whole lot longer, not like this.

Section 3: Sovereign Device
I befriended a Service Agent Calhoun my first few days down here. Actually knew him before, an old AI acquaintance but that's not relevant to this report. After warning him of a Geth scouting party I spotted on my first day here and helping prepare the city for defense Agent Calhoun entrusted some knowledge to me. A few months ago, before the Citadel was attacked, Tironian Secret Service discovered an old beacon near their territory. This device is very similar to the one we ejected from Barbarossa and destroyed with a torpedo. I think it attracted the Geth scouting party here and when they got close enough to the signal, sent out signals to the clusters mass relay and into Geth Space. Now we have a full scale invasion on our hands. Worse even is that this device is being held in storage, in a city vault in the underground of the cities defense center. Agent Calhoun, who had been checking up on research progress told me that people subjected to it for long periods of time were acting differently. I believe our theory that it affects human behavior may be true. I don't know how it does but I'm glad we destroyed ours.

I recommend the first priority is to get into the cities defense center and destroy this device or maybe use it as an offering to the Geth to try and negotiate, communicate like we wanted to in the first place. To do that we'll need to find Agent Calhoun, he can gain access to the device quite easily and I can still trust him. Second priority is evacuating these civilians, Geth have already been observed not to shoot at unarmed ships, any unarmed ships fleeing the local spaceport were ignored. Civilians may get in our way so it would be beneficial if The Seer could send some assets to help with space evacuation. Alternatively we could open a lane to the sea for civilians to escape from and use what's left of Tirons wet navy and civilian wet navy to evacuate.

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