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Human Colony of Cyrene Disappears Without Explanation

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Human Colony of Cyrene Disappears Without Explanation Empty Human Colony of Cyrene Disappears Without Explanation

Post by Lapis on Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:42 pm

Human Colony of Cyrene Disappears Without Explanation Citadel_space_symbol_by_engorn-d46z65q

β€œThe human colony of Cyrene has disappeared without a trace – the latest in a series of colonies which have been lost under mysterious circumstances. It is estimated that five thousand people are missing. The moon colony circling the gas giant Idmon was a transit station between the Titan Nebula and the remainder of the Terminus Systems. "It matches the modus operandi," says investigator Simon Haute. "No signs of force, no witnesses, a genuine Roanoke." Cyrene is the seventh human colony which has disappeared in the Terminus Systems since 2183. Only in one case could traces of looting be found which were attributed to a gang of marauders who had arrived first on the scene after the disappearance. The disappearance of the human colony on Cyrene has caused an uproar on the news networks, the reaction in the Terminus Systems, however, is indifferent. "It's always humans," says local batarian Kru'thep Narack. "I guess it's like with those serial killers who target people they know." Even among humans battle fatigue is spreading. "We have all the weapons and security systems we can afford," says seaweed farmer Yao Tze. "That's just the way of life out here." In fact, everywhere our news team went the mysterious abductions were always associated with slavers or pirates – common threats in the Terminus Systems. Meanwhile, the political will within the Alliance, which handles the complaints through its ombudsmen, seems to be almost extinguished. "We haven't forgotten it," says inspector Owen Adams. "We simply haven't got any hot leads.”
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