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Tundra Showdown: Crisis on Antibar

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Tundra Showdown: Crisis on Antibar Empty Tundra Showdown: Crisis on Antibar

Post by Kravis on Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:09 pm

Tundra Showdown: Crisis on Antibar Citadel_space_symbol_by_engorn-d46z65q

"Earlier yesterday, The Asari Republic reported that an Asari Commando unit was killed in action after an unknown group of mercenaries managed to land on the planet and raid a Prothean site that was off-limits to the public. The Commandos engaged in combat, but were killed in the firefight. The Mercenaries reportedly escaped with the assistance of an unmarked Normandy-class vessel which evaded two Cyaene-class cruisers and escaped. The Systems Alliance has commented that they are perplexed at how a Normandy-Class was built without their knowledge, and suspected foul-play."

"At the moment, Fleet Admiral Steven Hackett has dispatched the SSV Ain Jalut to hunt for the unidentified vessel in the Attican Traverse, however when reached out to for more information, The Admiral declined all questions and withheld any comments."

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