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Hekoh Thouk [TERMINATED]

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Hekoh Thouk [TERMINATED] Empty Hekoh Thouk [TERMINATED]

Post by Revival on Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:09 pm

Select Dossier File.

>Hekoh Thouk :: HekohThouk Selected.

Loading Dossier File.

Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
Hekoh Thouk [TERMINATED] Alek_kerr__drell_by_klar_jezebeth-d4r1t9a
Artwork that was comissioned by the Thouk Family

Name: Hekoh Thouk
Age: 23
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Ranking: TBA
Identification Tag: 1842-7123-HT

Physical Appearance: 5'10 / Masculine Drell Voice / Tinged Blue Skin / Purple Exposed Muscles / Dark Blue Eyes / Black-White Outfit / M-4 Shurkien Holstered On Right Side / M-3 Predator Holstered On Left Side /

Vocal Sample:


Personnel Training/Experience Information.

Training: Hanar/Drell mixed Combat Training, Espionage Training, Biotic Training
Assignment: TBA
Operational Status: Active
Previous Occupation(s): Drell/Hanar Military (CORRUPTED), Mercenary (2180-2183)
Specialization: Adept
Awards/Decorations: TBA
Battle/Service Record: TBA
Date Joined: 2183
Casualty Classification: N/A
Time Within Company:


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Drell, Hanar, Delatura Corporation
Listed Liked Factions: Humans, Turians, Quarians,
Listed Disliked Factions: Batarians, Volus
Listed Neutral Factions: Any Unlisted Groups, Delatura Corporation
Hostile Factions: Radiers, Slavers
Personal Relationships.



I miss you... no matter what happened that day. I will still remember you fondly of our days running around the streets of Joro.

I Heard you.... I heard you for real. It was you... where are you.


(Liked, Respected) Dylan Oshner: A friendly person to chat with, and his motivations of joining are noble enough. His own family struck with burdens that he was sworn to carry. He has a good idea that this will pay him handsomely. One other portion of this man gives me great joy, his Biotic capabilities. It might not be much, but with the Adjutant AI on-board the ship, and his own displeasure of how he is using Biotics, saying that he is unskilled with them. I'm sure the both of us can train one-anothers skills with them. -- Seven Hundred Thousand credits change a lot for a family, Oshner has chosen to use it for the better. Perhaps one way I will find a way to help him out on his quest. As long as it makes sense for me to. If he thinks he can do it on his own, then he can. -- The concept of having an argument is a very delicate practice, ending either in complete understanding or the ideas that there will be hellfire in the future. As for this situation between the two of them; I pray it doesn't go down the path it went down when I saw it the first time. The both of them are at faults, yet Oshner realizes his own stubbornness and refuses to change. I hope he does not get carried away with this typical... schoolyard, drama. --- He's Dead.... there was something I could have done. I could have tugged him back, I could have thrown the sword Away from the Asari... something. But there's nothing now... I can still watch his body fall to the ground, head pried off of his body by the force of the blade. there's nothing I can do... and  have to live with my choices. I have to live to regret what happened on the eighteenth of June... 2183. He was like a brother to me... like Atara.

I heard you... with Atara... where... where are you? Why were you harkoned back from death to this reality?

(Neutral, Respected) Ordo: A genuine soul of knowledge. One that was locked away from the world harshly, and torn away from his own flotilla because of his own genuine curiosities behind the machines and mechanics of their sworn enemies. I never expected the less of him to die on the job. He held onto his last words trying to help me quell the flames brought upon us. Perhaps the death of Ordo on the 22nd of June, 2183 should have awaken me to what I'm in for.

(Neutral) The Family: The Family... I may not know whom these people are, but the actions of an enemy has taken their lives from what we know. There were two members of this family, the Kid and the Father. The kid died from what I hope a peaceful death... but considering the mechanical armanents of the Geth, it wasn't. The father was grief with anguish whilst me and Lutharian walked up to them. The father brought his gun to his head as me and him struggled, him with brute force and me with my biotics. I don't know what the Turian was doing, I called upon him, I yelled at him, I was telling him to grab the gun, but it never happened. The Turian may have been in a daze, or the words that I said to the father might have been true about him. How  stubbornness and pridefulness won't give you peace, it'll just isolate you from the world. Not taking help. The man may have commited suicide, but it makes me think, if I did more... would it have even mattered on the 25th of June, 2183?

(Neutral) Thomas Lancaster: ERROR: CORRUPTED

I wonder... am I forever cursed to watch every member of the group die within ERROR: CORRUPTEd

(Neutral, Respected) Bris: The third of the Quarians, A Fighter in her own right who has skills of an entrepreneur. A Former crime lord who was suffering fourty-six consecutive life sentences on the Citadel. Now serving a debt paid out of by the Delatura corporation.It makes me question the morality of this force still, considering our other members, but this character has me interested.-- Utterly Insane... her own words about herself, and truthful. Her rash actions caused us to become enemies of the Asari Republic, and by extention; a possible target of the Citadel... this entire mission on Antibar went to shit. -- As much as I am against slaughtering innocents; the murder of the Quarian was needed, even though I am against it. I tried stopping them. But only to get everything I needed to know about the target. She did have a reason to kill after all.  -- Our new captain, and a leader in her own right I suppose. She has respect for the dead, at least the ones of value to her. She cares about the crew in her own ways, and has listened to other options. It might be a 180 of what we know of her, but who is to say. She's not had issues, I just hope her personalities between herself and Abbot don't cause a major friction. I'm a proponent to peace and all of the able bodied men and women we can get, but with what I've heard from Bris; I hope I can prevent it. Perhaps I could get help. -- There is a major friction brewing, she is going to be revoked of her captain position, and the Seer has four people in mind on whoever the captain is. Two of us being 'under-qualified', which I agree with to some extent, one that is a loose cannon and one that has more loyalties in the mission. I pray the Seer makes the right decision, even if it means I might not be the Captain.-- I failed you... I... I tried to protect you all... and... I didn't do anything. I watched you die in front of my own eyes... I... I'm sorry, Bris.

I'm sorry, for everyone. On the Ninth of November, 2183.


Lena'Vamme: The first of the Quarians, and will not be the last. An engineer who seems to have a ore outlook towards the crowd, and was a rather good conversation partner, I haven't spoken to her much about the reasons behind that she's here; but I'm sure that we will get along nicely if she acts the way she does currently. -- Well, she is a skilled gunsmith, and a well respectable arms dealer. testing her skills out on the field, looking over the various faces that come around. She has her own faithful opinions and was looking out towards the people she cares about. A man in a coma on earth, to a Turian legionary. -- She needs to learn how to pace herself on her own projects, I sincerely hope that she doesn't continue to work on doing them by herself, and not asking for her own help.

Flynt Thatcher: Despite my own short time with the man so far, we both have a sense of keeping our body in shape. He does drive me a bit crazed in accordance to not following orders with his friend Jason Kelce. But that doesn't mean he can ignore my own statements. I'm to watch over them and I don't want them finding things they shouldn't.


His father may be a member of cerberus, but I hope it works out for him. He isn't a target against the crew, but people think he is. They thought the same of Bris and she died for this crew.


Matthew Colt: Another fighter amongst our crew, one that echos back to names like Blasto, or othersuch words involving an action hero. I'm sure the humans get a kick out of his name if they do so dare. It will be a pleasure working with the man despite his own choices of money being the way to fight within the unit. -- An Action Hero through and through I suppose. Barfights, dangerous skills.

James Moore: A marksman, an Infilitrator, a sniper. Whichever word you want to call him, is this man himself. Despite him saying he doesn't know his trade that well, i'm sure that is just a humble lie to keep himself cultured. He focuses on himself and has his own reasons to things within the unit. -- I will not use Oshner's word for this man, because it doesn't suit him. Perhaps misguided from the signals of one another; or the thoughts within his own head that I have heard mere rumors about that shouldn't be possible. My only wish is he doesn't get swept up in drama, If I talked with this man more I'm sure I would understand his side with more notice. Besides the point; I want to understand how useful his Illusionary tricks are against my Bioitics, purely to understand its caveats in a setting where I face someone hiding in that way. == His name is irreverent to me. He makes me question his own actions. A former criminal; named Peter Walsh. Am I to trust him? I hope he gives me more reason to.

Jason Kelce: A Former Service Chief of the SSV Alamo, I hope they will be remembered for their encounter with the Geth. I hope his family will have hope that Jason is still alive.


A Great fighter, and a possible warrior within the crew. I hope he took my words correctly.

Vaketh Lutharian: He's an able bodied fighter and determined, but that was only a first impression. The next thing I know about him is his possible cracking under pressure. I told him to grab the mans weapon, and instead he got splattered with the matter and gore of the patriarch of the family. I'm not so sure what to think. But something tells me it might have been the moment getting to him. -- He may be on his own assignment, I have yet to see him. Perhaps the Suicide may have changed him.

Gabriel Steffan: "One Step Forwards, Two Steps Backwards."  I trust this man's opinions, but he follows his own rules clearly, not the Seer's, but his own. I trusted his prior opinions, but this one has me conflicted, it's best if I leave this alone. -- I've grown to slowly disagree with his decisions with the crew, trying to take over this crew underneath Bris, and is headstrong and foolish at certain points. He may be a former Alliance Marine, but that doesn't mean that we are run like one. There are multiple creeds of people here and yet he doesn't understand. -- We may not see eye to eye on certain topics, but one things clear. I was wrong about him. He does know how to lead this crew correctly. It's good to see him opening up to other ideas than focusing on one ideal.


It's clear that he has his own preferred opinions and doesn't listen to the Seer's ideas first. If things don't change soon I'm going to figure out a way to help out the Seer in my own way. It's clear that this crew is getting less and less trustworthy as time goes on. I hope he took my suggestion seriously and didn't think it was stupid of me to mention. Though I figure he's going to blow it off because he believes me to be 'naive'.


Whitney Abbot: Predatory, that's the best way to describe her in the first conversations I've had with her. She likes studying about her allies before and to understand who she is working with. A friend of danger it seems like, erring on the side of caution. The reason she joined is based off of her own cause, she wants to do it because she believes no one else would. A noble cause. However, that predatory side still is unnerving... something tells me my dealings with her should air on the side of caution. -- From a perspective as a former worker in the night, listening to my handler through a small earpiece who kept me going throughout my days, I remember fondly some of the words that were mentioned, including one particular argument I had. I noticed many responses after our mission on Omega, ones that could be highlighted between her and Oshner. I pray that this doesn't turn into what I saw, over the methods of another. Even if I disagree with them personally; she must not get carried away with what seems like drama from a teenagers age in human years. -- A self-imposed woman who has complained about leadership throughout the days. This is not to say that is with just her. There have been others who are less than pleased with the Leadership in the unit, and there will always be questions behind it. Why a possible 'insane' quarian might truely be our leader. I've found myself questioning it as well. But I hope she comes to find herself not on the bad side of Bris, pray that we don't have a mutiny start because of their clashing thoughts.  -- A 'new' woman. I witnessed her get drunk so she could find herself a new inner peace. I question it personally, and yet she still may think herself as the most qualified on the crew. May she make the right decision.


Despite the fact that she may have saved us from the threat involving Cerberus, it's clear she's Naive about her position on the crew. I've counted a possible three different times that she has been useful to this crew as an intelligence officer. The mission we never went on, the findings of Cerberus, and the mechanical parts behind Doctor Yun. Three findings within seven months doesn't sound like a good statistic.


Captain Ronan Aaetrius: The Captain of this ship, our small private force, and of our non-combatant personal. I've yet to speak with him more, but he seems to have dry humor; a typical statement for Turians. I have no idea why he decided to join us, but from what I'm gathering I would assume he's doing it because he believes the rumors are true as well, I think all of us do. At least he leads our squad with a noble heart and understands our strengths and weaknesses and helped coarse with each others abilities. -- A Spectere, perhaps the best term would be a ghost of one. A former Spectere who lost his status due to his own reasons. I don't want to pry him more than I should. It will be revealed in time, one day perhaps. Perhaps not to me, perhaps not to anyone else. It is him alone. -- The Relic touched him, from whatever ways, he's become violent. Punching down Moore when he was concussed... I pray we can figure out what's wrong with him. This crew is falling apart. -- What happened to you... it doesn't matter; the point is you are still not beyond redemption. I'm sure that there can be a change in your own history. Wherever you are. -- You are lost; and it is our goal to bring you back into the light. You're not beyond redemption but you have been muddled by whatever took over your body. The followers you have corrupting your body perhaps? Or was it Nygus? It makes you wonder. At least you are open to reason, despite your violent outbursts.


The Seer: A Faceless contractor, probably human with mixes of different languages to vo-code his voice. Intelligent and trustworthy to learn from. -- May you make the right decision, and hope that the third captain of this group isn't foolish enough.

Adjutant: Consider this being a disliked, consider it feared, consider it respected. Whichever it is, you must not underestimate it. I'm sure that it will mend with us as we grow, and will develop its own thoughts. Perhaps it is sentient... I pray not having a Geth on our ship when we are investigating them as we speak. -- I'm assured that the A.I might be a bit manpulated in tech, but it held under pressure after the climatic events that happened.

Anyone in Liked


Anyone marked with 'FF'



Personal History.

Hekoh Thouk was born on Kanje to Oriel and Untafe Thouk. However, Hekoh was found less and less with his family and more and more surveying and exploring the city, having an active life as a wandering soul. The Drell who saw him noticed through their religion that his Soul was a wanderer, much like himself; and Hekoh chose to follow that path. Even at a young age it was found through treatment that he had a biotic aptitude, something which took notice in the military. Through mostly his own will, he joined the Drell and Hanar mixed military service, becoming skilled in espionage and biotic tactics. Due to Error: Corrupted Data

Hekoh was soon found as a mercenary contractor, tinkering with his biotic abilities, and carrying around a few pieces of metal that he seems to have been working with, and learning his way through melding himself to become greater. Eventually being hired by the Seer as a part of a group, and joined the Barbarosa's crew.

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Hekoh Thouk [TERMINATED] Empty Re: Hekoh Thouk [TERMINATED]

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Gabriel Steffan

Whitney Abbot


Flynt Thatcher

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