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[NSFP] Record 103f04-A <Classified>

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[NSFP] Record 103f04-A <Classified> Empty [NSFP] Record 103f04-A <Classified>

Post by Kravis on Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:06 pm


"Mister Korlu. You don't sound fairly pleased to be hearing from me." - TS

"How could I *Hsk* The last time I saw you was nearly two months ago. *Hsk* After the Citadel attack I thought you were dead *Hsk*. - MK

"Not dead, Mister Korlu, just...Revaluating. I have a special request for you, a fairly expensive requisition. But I wanted to keep this one off the company records." - TS

"I don't do off-record requests fairly often Sl-" - MK

"I know you don't Mister Korlu, but this once, I'm going to be paying you handsomely and as a former friend, I only ask you keep it off the record. Just between you and me." - TS

"...What did you have in mind then?" - MK

"Something you'll probably find as a highlight of your career, Mister Korlu." - TS


"This...This is...*Hsk* How did you.." - MK

"Not a word, Mister Korlu, I'll pay you as much as you need to complete it, But know that I am not a person to be crossed lightly. I hope you will do this for a reasonable price and be quiet about it." - TS

"I-If you're really going to pay then...I can have it done about four months from now. *Hsk*" - MK

"For a extra two billion I'd ask you finish it in a month. Cut corners if you must, it doesn't need to be pretty. Just operational. Not a word now, Mister Korlu, should I have the Systems Alliance questioning me then you know that I'll have to respond accordingly." - TS

"Not a word...I'll let you know when it's ready. *Hsk*" -MK


<:: END LOG ::
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