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[NSFP] Record 103f12-AV. <Classified>

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[NSFP] Record 103f12-AV. <Classified> Empty [NSFP] Record 103f12-AV. <Classified>

Post by Kravis on Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:29 am

Record theme:

*A security camera flickers on in the back of this strangely lit room. Filled with millions, maybe even billions of holograms representing clusters of systems and stars. At the back of the room is a modest sized desk with six holographic screens facing a shadowy figure sitting behind the desk. A few feet in front of the desk stands a proud looking turian figure with black armor. The turian slides his hands behind his back as the shadowy figure moves around in their chair for a moment.*

[NSFP] Record 103f12-AV. <Classified> Yayoi-kusama-polka-dots-madness-3

The turian remains silent for a few moments as the figure scrolled through countless holographic screens before speaking up "When you called me here I was hoping to talk, Seer." The Seer looks up from their desk and speaks. Their voice is scambled within a modulator replicating at least five different voices of three different species "Indeed I did. However before so. I want to hear your thoughts about why you're here, Captain." The turian's manibles twitch uncomfortably as he speaks "I've been working with for two weeks now without any sort of notice about why I'm here. I've given you personal records, I've processed thousands of dossiers. And now I'm wondering if it's even worth it if all I've been called to do is stand here and watch you work." The Seer remains silent and slowly stands. They push their chair off slightly to the side before folding their hands over their chest, now looking beyond the screen and at the turian. "I've had to keep you in the dark, but I couldn't let you simply disappear while I had the chance to bring you in... This, all of this, Is because of the 'geth' flagship. Sovereign. After that day I think all of us can agree that something more is going on here, more than ourselves. And the Council's unwilling to acknowledge it. That's why I need you, Captain."

The turian lowers his arms to his side and motions with his hand as he speaks "I don't see the point in asking me. If you're so focused in finding out what Sovereign was, then you should be trying to contact Shepard, He's the only one who can help you here. Not me, I don't have the sort of resources to help you." The Seer falls silent and slowly sits back in their chair saying "Shepard's too deep within the Council's pockets to agree to help us. And as of now, that option is no longer available. The turian raises a eyebrow saying "What do you mean?" The Seer flips a screen forward, illuminated by the millions of small little suns. The headline of the report reads the following.

"Commander Shepard has been Killed in Action"

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