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PvT Dylan Oshner

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PvT Dylan Oshner Empty PvT Dylan Oshner

Post by SlyCoopr on Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:52 am

Select File.

> Dylan Oshner :: Dylan Oshner Selected.

Loading Dossier File.

Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
PvT Dylan Oshner Ledger_heath

Unit Name: Dylan Oshner
Unit Aliases: N/A
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: PvT
Service Tag: 15863-15477-DO

Physical Appearance:

Vocal Sample:


Personnel Military Information.

Training:  Basic Training, Biotic Training
Assignment: 2nd MSRC, SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Service(s):
Awards and Decorations:
Battle/Engagement Record:
Casualty Classification: N/A
Time In Service(s):


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance:Systems Alliance
Listed Liked Factions: Salarians
Listed Disliked Factions: Turians, Cerberus
Listed Neutral Factions:
Hostile Factions: Reapers

Personal Relationships.

Draven Miller - I came aboard alongside Miller, we both walked into a shitstorm. We'll be watching each other's back since most of the people in this crew seem a bit... off.

Victoria Morello - A really nice person. She seems to be the emotional balance in the crew since everyone else is either off the deep end or an emotionless stick. She does really well keeping everyone else calm. I hope she keeps herself together after the revelation of her old friend.

Oboro Kotta - Since I joined the crew, Kotta seems to only do two thing; Be a bitch then tell everyone she isn't being a bitch. I think she should just patch people up and avoid any other social activity.

Martin Banner - We'll find you. We can't win this war unless we have the Grim Reaper on our side.

Rachael Elizabeth - I know Elizabeth and Thatcher were a thing, it's easy to see. Knowing that he's become the enemy must be stressing her out a lot.

'Flynt Thatcher' - I've heard the name several times. He was a deserter, or a traitor I guess now. He left just before I joined the crew and today a small Cerberus attack happened. People are saying Thatcher sent them personally.

Personal History.
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PvT Dylan Oshner Empty Re: PvT Dylan Oshner

Post by SlyCoopr on Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:37 pm

Small update
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