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You have always been strong to me

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You have always been strong to me Empty You have always been strong to me

Post by Kravis on Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:31 am


It was a rainy day on the planet of Kahje, where the hanar swam and live their lives below the sea with giant, floating spaceports and habitats sat on top of the water. Welcoming galactic visitors and natives alike. One of the habitats contained a smaller population of residential drells. A more traditional people than the larger habitats. Upon closer inspection showed a drell wearing a long robe adorn with red, black and white colors with a drell equivalent of a clerical collar. The drell seemed happy with a smile on his face as he was conversing with someone on his omni-tool.

"Of course, I'd be happy to my friend. If you'd like to meet me later today, I'm sure I could hear your confessions. Then our paths are set. I'll see you tonight. Goodbye." The drell peered up and gathered his holy book. He started down the street of the large habitat. Looking up at the passing skycars and the moderately sized towers looming over the habitat. He then turned his gaze to the streets. Looking with a joyful grin as his fellow kin went about their daily lives. Some older ones willing to stop for a moment and offer a respectful gesture to the priest. The Drell smiled and thanked them as he continued on his way. At the end of his path laid a large, religious temple. He went around the back of the temple and entered through the back door.

Inside the temple was fairly large with a small room at the back for the priests to hold confessions and rest. While the entirety of the other half of the building was the main room holding the alter and the rows of pews. The Drell took his book and placed it upon the confession booth's table for later. He turned and saw a very older looking Drell with the same colored accents as him, except this man wore two robes, one thin and adorned with his family colors underneath, and the larger one adorn with religious icons of the Drell gods. "My son..." The Drell cracked a wide smile and stepped forth. He and the older Drell locked their hands at each other's elbows and pulled each other in for a close hug. The Drell rested his head against the older one's shoulder saying "It is good to see you again, Father." He pulled himself away and chuckled. The Father smirked saying "My Uriel, you've grown so much since completing your Compact..I remember it like it was yesterday where my young man was rushing off to serve his people proudly in service of the Hanar." He chuckles and Uriel offered a smile saying "Not anymore, father. All I wish for is my book, and a Compact with the gods." The Father nods saying "Go ahead and set the candles my son. We will hold our services today. To give the people a ease of mind with these talks of..Reapers." Uriel cringed slightly at the word and nodded saying "Of course Father." He turned and walked off into the main room. Leaving his Father behind to wipe his palm across his face in a stressful manner.

A hour later. The room was somewhat filled with older looking drell, at least twelve scatter amongst the pews that could fit fifteen each. The Father took a stand at the alter while Uriel took his place on a lower alter. Where he placed his book down and opened it. The Father cleared his throat for a moment and spoke aloud. "Brothers and Sisters. I am filled with joy to see you here today in our humble temple. To pray to the gods for their embrace. To calm these trying times and give strength to our young who have gone off on their own paths. Far beyond Kahje and into the beyond." The Father continued with this service, but Uriel felt a pain in his head. He looked down at his book and remained quiet. Thinking of the Reapers. "(Every other planet has stopped reporting them. We've stopped hearing news of them..Is there truly something wrong?)"

Suddenly, the very foundations of the temple shook for a moment. The Father and Uriel looked around in shock while the other drell looked up towards the sky and around the temple in fear. The very roof of the temple began to crack and split from another shockwave. The Prayers screamed and ran out of the Temple while the Father stood there in disbelief. A piece of the roof broke away as the entire building began to fall from the third shockwave. A large slab fell down towards the Father, and he only stood there in shock. Uriel yelled out as he ran from his alter to his father's "Dad! Move! LOOK OUT!" But Uriel was too late. The slab slammed down on where Uriel's Father was. Uriel screamed and dropped to his knees near the debris and began ripping the concrete away with his biotics.


He stopped and started to have warm rivers run down his cheeks as he saw his Father. The Father looked towards his son and cracked a slow smile. Uriel took ahold of his father's shoulder and pulled him up into his chest to cradle his head. "It'll be okay dad. I..I know how to fix this..I." Uriel trailed off as he looked down at his father's legs. Seeing them smashed and pinned by the rubble. His Father coughed heavily and placed his hand on his son's shoulders. "It's okay, Uriel, It's okay...They..The Reapers..They have come..If only we had listened to the warnings.." The Father furrowed his brow and coughed up blood from his mouth. Uriel wiped the blood away on his robe saying "I'm going to get us out of here. We'll leave before they.." The Father shook his head saying "No, my son. I am...Already defeated..The gods alone grant me these moments..To see my son." Uriel began crying saying "I can't leave y-you like this.." The Father wrapped his hand around his son's head and brought him close to touch both of their foreheads together. He spoke lowly "Go, my son.
The gods spoke of this day..The day one would arise from the ashes to lead our people to a better life...It happened before on Rakhana..And now..the prophecy of the gods repeat itself..Son..You need to save our people."
Uriel brought his free hand up to hold his father's chest as his tears dripped down onto his father's head. He inhaled slowly saying "What can I do?...I'm not..I can't do this. I'm not strong enough." The Father pressed his hand against Uriel's saying "You have always been strong to me, Uriel Vertanos. And I know..You will be" The Father's word's trailed off as the gleam of his eyes began to fade. Uriel wailed and pressed his father's head into his shoulder. Rocking back and forth to hold him in his embrace. He whispered and choked through his tears "Take him, Kalahira..So that I may see him again in this life..Or the next."

Uriel raised his head and looked down at his Father. He rested his head upon a piece of the broken alter as a Sovereign-class Reaper sounded off it's horn in the distance. Uriel slowly stood and limped over towards his alter to grab his book. He placed the book underneath his robes and walked back over to his father. He grabbed his father's book and slowly stood up saying "I will help stop this, Father..." Uriel choked on his next words as tears began to roll down his cheeks "..G-Goodbye."


Uriel turned and slowly crawled his way out of the rubble. When he pulled himself out of the Temple's rubble and fell onto the street below. A orange-tinted drell wearing a suit of armor came running up. He grabbed Uriel by the arm and slowly helped him up saying "Uriel! Are you okay? Where..Where is Kevilo? Your father??" Uriel shook his head and felt the tears falling down once again. The other drell cringed and grabbed ahold of Uriel to help him into a nearby kodiak saying "We will make them pay, Uriel, another day..Another day, I must report back to the Council that Kahje has fallen.." Uriel fell into a seat of the crowded kodiak with a pained expression on his face. A Drell soldier ran up yelling "Arakriel! The Reaper is coming to this habitat! We're full! You should go!" Arakriel nodded and yelled back "We're leaving! Get the kodiak moving! Go GO!"

The kodiak lifted it's passengers to the sky along with many other shuttles waiting. They took off towards the atmosphere of the planet. Leaving Kahje behind to the Reapers.
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