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Rescue Four

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Rescue Four Empty Rescue Four

Post by Vasiil on Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:44 am

An M-35 Mako tore across the desert at max speeds, it's engines roared loudly and the turret was constantly scanning the horizon as if expecting a hostile to drop out of nowhere at any moment and destroy it. Sadly this was the truth, Reaper destroyers were capable of taking off, landing, destroying everything in it's path then leaving within minutes. Though in rural New Mexico, no destroyers dwelt.

"Well, my English teacher told me not to write about anything that I haven't experienced." said Pvt Jacob Wilber, driver of the Mako. "Okay, so if you can only write about what you've experienced then what would writers write about? Writing? Nothing good would ever be written." replied Pfc Robert Adder, gunner of the Mako. Wilber thought for a second as he stared at the vast desert they were travelling through before replying "Well, I guess that's true but, like, you should have an idea of the facts before you write something I guess that's just what he meant." Adder continued to scan "You sure do guess a lot, Wilber, ever have a clear thought in your life?" Wilber not picking up the sarcasm replied confidently "Yes, I always do." Adder shook his head not replying.

"Driver Halt." The stern voice of the Mako's Commander, SvC Webb, was heard throughout the internal comms of the vehicle. The Driver immediately applied the brakes softly making the Mako come to a smooth halt. There it sat for a while, the engine still whirring, the hydraulics of the turret still pumping as the turret traversed back and forth. Adder continued to stare into the thermal sights as he tilted his head slightly to Webb "What's going on, Chief?" he asked. Webb continued to read the message transmitted to the Mako's tactical display unit "Santa Fe missions cancelled. City went dark and the evac zones are of undetermined status, we're rerouting the formation to bypass the city."

The vehicle was silent for the next three minutes. Everyone knew what it meant, every evac point was overrun or destroyed and the city was lost completely. Another city, they never seemed to make it in time, they were being lost faster than the battalion of Makos could travel. Adder always thought the same thing about these sort of events; how is it that we're the military but we've survived longer than huge amounts of civilians? None of it was fair. Chief Webb broke the silence with an order "Driver move out forward left." The Mako's engine roared once again as the battalion moved out, they were on the right side security of the formation and would have the best view on the city. By the time they passed it, Adder couldn't help looking at it through his sights.

Santa Fe burned spectacularly at late dusk, the fires were already filing in to fill the darkness of the sky overhead as Reapers floated back up toward the atmosphere. Adder was quite distracted by this, not looking at the front, Webb had that covered as well as Wilber and neither wanted to look but curiosity got the better of Adder. He cycled through his zooms looking for a sign of anything, he got an eyeful of bad luck. On the outskirts of the city, people were fleeing and men with rifles were covering their retreat "Shit!" Adders voice pierced the droning continuity of the Makos engine suddenly "I got something, combatants and non combatants are fleeing the city to the east, they're running right toward us, chief." Chief Webb gave no response, there was no time, he was already on company net calling up the information to command "Slow down." Adder ordered the driver and the Mako came to a steady coast.

It took about five minutes, based on the amount of people, a platoon of Makos were being spared to pick up the civilians, just one platoon that's it. There was only one platoon left with Makos that didn't have troops in the back and they weren't even from the same company. Two more minutes and three makos linked up with Adders' "Switch frequency to 113.5 Frequency Hop." Ordered Webb. Adder made the adjustment to the comms and heard a voice over the net "This is Lieutenant Glocke, Service Chief Webb you're acting as the Platoon Sergeant. New calsign is Rescue Platoon." Webb replied immediately "Rescue 1, this is Rescue 4. Acknowledged, Out." The other Makos followed suite "Rescue 1, this is Rescue 2." and so forth. Webb spoke up, he finally had something to say non business related, it had been a while and the crew had been going emotionally numb "Ready to do some good?" "Hooah, Chief!" both Adder and Wilber boomed in response.
The newly formed Rescue platoon started moving out at maximum speed toward the fleeing civilians, they were taking fire from cannibals but the range made it ineffective, husks followed rapidly behind, the ones who were gaining on them were shot down by combatants. "You see this Chief?" Asked Adder "Yeah, I see it, target the enemies in the windows, second story or higher, don't shoot too low over these guys heads." Adder picked out a nice target, two in the same window on top of a three story building "Infantry identified, range 1,600 meters." Webb switched over to the radio "Rescue 1, this is Rescue 4 we're picking targets in tall buildings, ready to fire." "All Rescue elements this is Rescue 1 prepare to fire on my command." Every Mako in the formation had multiple targets in mind, the lieutenant came up over the net "Top hat, top hat, top hat." "On the way!" In perfect synchronization every Mako fired their 155mm Mass Accelerator cannon, the noise and light pierced the night and for a moment the darkness that had shrouded the Makos lit up and just as quickly faded. Adder got both of his targets, and moved to the next one, it wasn't but 5 seconds later "Tophat!" Another volley tears through buildings obliterating the reaper ground infantry, "Tophat!" the third volley goes off before the Makos reach the fleeing civilians.

"Rescue Platoon short halt!" Every Mako ground to a quick stop and the troop doors opened up. Except for Rescue 4. "Troop door malfunction, I got the gun! Adder, get back there and fix it!" Adder spun around out of his station and rushed to the door, it was jammed just an eight of the way open, he looked back "Troop doors stuck!" Adder started working on it to no avail, this kind of problem could only really be fixed on the spot by a mechanic with specialized tools, the last he sees of the civilians are them running off to other Makos. "Forget about the door, Adder! We have a lot of husks coming right the fuck at us, we need to pull security!" Adder hesitated for a moment then ran back to his station, he looks through his sights immediately spotting husks from every direction, the Makos engine whirs as it pulls up ahead of the platoon formation "Personnel identify! Range, 100, 80 meters!" Chief Webb interjects quickly "Fire! Just fucking fire! Weapons free!"

"On the way!" Adder fires his coax into the closest husk tearing holes into it then snaps the turret to another target, then another and another the noise and focus almost drowns out Adders attention to Webb speaking "Rescue 1, you have fast movers converging on you right now! You have to move right now!" Civilians were being helped onto the tops of Makos when two Oculi in tight formation strafed the ground, destroying two Makos full of civilians. "Identify aircraft! Designate" Chief Webb yells as the turret snaps to the formation of Oculi by this time already getting ready for another pass, Adder doesn't say anything, just fires the main gun at one of them, a direct hit but the other stays active and directly hits the last other Mako, a larger formation coming to support it.

"Driver forward!" Chief Webb yells, forward being the direction of Santa Fe. "What?!" Wilber questions "Did I motherfucking stutter!? Forward! We need cover!" The Makos tires spin up and the ground is ground up underneath it. Adder already has his target lined up by now, the Oculi was just about in firing distance, it shoots off a laser at the Mako which starts to follow it straight up to the exhaust, Adder takes the shot hitting it directly and it spins out of control. Rescue 4 made it into the city, under the cover of the tall buildings but now with Reaper ground forces converging on all directions.

Wilber maneuvers through the maze of alleyways and streets blocked off by wrecks and barricades with the help of Chief Webb on his CITV. Adder didn't have much room to scan so he runs diagnostics and automatic repair systems for the Mako. Everything seemed to be getting quiet when they rounded the corner with a brute waiting. The brute charged the Mako and Wilber did the only thing a driver can do, ramming speed. The Brute slammed into the mako denting the front slope but it was thrown back still being able to stabilize itself by planting a foot. Adder snapped the turret to it but the gun wouldn't depress enough "Back up! Wilber, back the fuck up!" The Mako driver responded instantly and snapped the gear in reverse going back full speed. Adder lined up the main reticle with the brute that was now charging at the Mako at almost an equal speed. Almost. The Mako got enough distance and right as it happened, Adder fired the main gun, blowing the top half of the brute straight off the bottom half.

Rescue 4 continued navigating the streets, the local battlenet was completely dark and maps were grossly outdated, the dark wasn't helping. "Driver, pull into this overhang." The Mako pulled underneath a natural archway of two building that toppled into each other and now supported themselves "Engine off, hold the turret." Only the electronics were running in the Mako. An overwhelming darkness and silence came over the crew, allowing them to process what just happened. Their objective, their comrades, destroyed. They only survived because they were on security, they were only on security because their troop door wasn't opening. It all seemed so lucky and so...Guilty, a maintenance fault saved them, that's the only reason they were alive but they were alive. At least for now.

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