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Category: LtCmd Adande Greene's AAR Reports Empty Category: LtCmd Adande Greene's AAR Reports

Post by Scout on Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:24 pm

Loading Field Report

>Selected AAR #001, "Cold and Stranded"

SUBJECT: After Action Report

1. This after action report is prepared by Lieutenant Commander Adande Greene

2. The following is information regarding the contingency itself:

Deployed Location:  Earth, Northern Italy

Deployed COs:  Lieutenant Commander Adande Greene, Staff Lieutenant Martin Banner, 2nd Lieutenant Kyle Vernon

Deployed NCOs: GyC Sam Chevalier, SvC Draven Miller

Deployed JNCOs:

Duration of Site SurveyNone

Duration of Deployment:  Ongoing

Contingency Purpose: Survive

3. Potential Sources of SupplyUnknown

4. Objectives CompletedNight One

5. DB Count

Allied Infantry lost: 0

Allied Infantry Wounded: 0

Hostile Infantry destroyed: Unknown

Allied Equipment lost: 1 UT-47 Kodiak

Hostile Equipment lost: N/A

6. Company Status






Continuing AAR #001
Loading Improve, Sustain, Comments
Improve, Sustain, Comments Loaded

Continue to keep the crew warm and fed. 

Our situation is manageable at the moment, but will deteriorate soon if we do not find a source of food, water, and heat.

This AAR was composed due to the fact that the crew is currently stranded, fighting against all elements of the weather including extreme cold and snow, not mentioning hostile elements of scattered Reapers and a single Sovereign class who seems to sit on the mountains, watching over us. This AAR will be composed daily in case that the crew does not make it. As of right now, we are freezing, only sustained by a single fire and an insulted wall of hay we created to keep as much of the heat as possible in as we could. The crew is hungry, but I told them to try to hold on. We all have one MRE, and wasting it could prove fatal. 

We have found no indications of life other than corpses and skeletons. This part of Italy is quiet. It seems abandoned, even the Reapers we have ran into have been nothing but small pockets of stragglers. 

Tomorrow we will seek shelter, food, water, and a route to escape. Our objective is elsewhere, and crossing the alps on foot is suicidal in our current state. We'll need to gather what we can and find some sort of vehicle out. Communications with the Constantinople have been severed. We're on our own.

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