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Gettin' too old for this shit

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Gettin' too old for this shit Empty Gettin' too old for this shit

Post by Kravis on Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:41 am

(Sort of theme music)

"Mister William please you need to take your prescription for today." A asari doctor was bent over on top of the bed of a old looking man who seemed to be in a grumpy mood with his attention focused on typing on his omni-tool. He furrowed his brow saying "I don't need your damn happy pills doctor. I'm sick of it. Sick of this place and sick of trying to ignore dealing with my problem. I ain't gonna ask again. Leave me alone so I can work." The doctor sighed and set the bottle of pills next to his bed and promptly left the room, making sure to close it and lock it on the way out. William looked up as she left and back down to his omni-tool. Richard was trying to get into a Alliance channel to send a message to Greene to come pick him up. But it looked like he was being blocked all access even with his credentials. "Blast it dang-nab it. I bet the doctors are behind this.." He looked up towards the door and then towards the window. He cocks his head saying "Well, I've spent about as much time as I would like in this damn morgue. Time to handle things my own way."

Williams threw his sheets off and sighed deeply as he looked down at his legs. Having been replaced by a pair of advanced prosthesis developed for Alliance soldiers. "I'll have to thank those Phaser or Phozo fellas or whatever the hell their names are for helping me pay out for these at least.." He pushes himself up and stands up slowly. He exhales sharply saying "Come on old man. You had your fill of soft beds and warm meals. I need to get back to Earth." He looked back at his bottle of pills and sighed. He grabbed them and stowed them away in his fatigues while he walked over towards the window. He slides the window open and slowly shimmies out onto the balcony outside. He looks down towards the rows of skycars and trucks that constantly pass of the hospital and sort of blinked several times saying "You're crazy. But hell, I'm old too. I got a excuse." He counted off numbers in his head before a asari nurse came into his room and screamed in terror "Mister William please step away from the window! You have-" But William wasn't hearing it. He pushed himself off and turned around right as he began to fall to throw off a quick salute to the asari. He fell dramatically for several moments before he fell right into the canopy of a dump skytruck passing below. He grunted and held his chest saying "God damn!" as the dump skytruck carried him off to another ward.

He found himself being dropped off in the Zakera Ward. He made a stealthy escape before the two workers noticed that he was hitching a ride. He furrowed his brow and dusted off his fatigues saying "Now I need to drop these blues for something else...Can't walk around stinking like shit...Ahah!" Richard spotted a clothing store nearby and checked his omni-tool to see his credits. He went inside and came back out wearing a casual short-sleeve outfit and proceeded to walk off, trying his best to look like a ordinary person. But Richard noticed something was wrong. A human was following him from the clothing store. A man dressed in black and white armor that appeared fairly light weight but was kept hidden by a large coat he wore over it. But William could tell something was wrong. This prompted him to swiftly head into a nearby alley, only to find that it was a dead end. William turned and stood face to face with the stranger.

"You really gonna mug a old man for his new digs, son?" Richard fell silent as he waited for the stranger's response. The stranger stepped forward into the light. His features appeared to be your average man's face with a buzzcut to boot. But something was off about his eyes. They appeared to be glowing blue, as if cybernetic. The stranger opened up his omni-tool and started to project a hologram in from of him. The hologram fizzled out for a moment before resembling a older looking man, not older that William mind you, but a man that appeared in his forties. He was smoking a cigarette and tapped the ashes away into a ashtray when he finally looked up to notice William. "Officer William. I see you've recovered from your injuries in Huerta Hospital. You gave the staff quite the show with your exit. Half of the ward is searching for your body right now." Richard shuffled his feet uneasily saying "Didn't mean to do them no harm. Just couldn't stand by while Earth could use some of it's best men right about now." The hologram cracked a sly smile and took a drag off his cigarette before proceeding to talk "You want to help Earth. I know a way that you could be of help to both Earth and Humanity. Given your records of Shanxi. I know that you'll be incline to listen to my proposition."

Richard shot forward and landed a swift punch across the stranger's face, breaking the hologram's feed near instantly. The stranger stumbled and exclaimed "You're a mad man! You didn't even listen to his proposal!" Richard chuckled and cracked his fists together saying "You think I was born yesterday, son? You're talking to one of Grissom's explorers. I know the Illusive Man when I see him. And I had you made for Cerberus the moment you left that shop. And I damn sure know you're unarmed. So go ahead. Make your move."

Thirty minutes pass before William left the alley with the stranger's coat thrown over his outfit with his armor attached on underneath. William ran a hand through his beard and waltz off into the crowd saying to himself "Gonna need to lay low then..Cerberus will be looking for me. Greene, I hope you're bringing the good fight to Earth. Because I'm counting on you to make up for me not being there." Richard pulled out a cigarette from the stranger's coat and lit it. He placed it in his mouth and sighed as he took a drag saying "I'm gettin' too old for this shit."
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