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Category: ALI-EDI.10478 'Connie' System Log Dumps

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Category: ALI-EDI.10478 'Connie' System Log Dumps Empty Category: ALI-EDI.10478 'Connie' System Log Dumps

Post by Lapis on Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:20 pm

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> 11/24/2186 :: 11/24/2186 Selected.

> Detected civilian distress call. Moving to investigate.
> At location. Cerberus Jackson-class Cruiser detected on intercept trajectory.
> Boarding craft detected. GARDIAN systems activated.
> Regained system control. KREVIK, VASHREN engaged in combat with CHEVALIER, SAMUEL, BANNER, MARTIN, and THATCHER, FLYNT.
> Moving mobile platform to assist.
> KREVIK, VASHREN under control of Reaper classified as 'HARBINGER'.
> THATCHER, FLYNT critically injured by KREVIK, VASHREN.
> KREVIK, VASHREN forcefully removes implants lodged in cranial cavity and is comatose.
> Mobile platform transported KREVIK, VASHREN to Med-Bay.
> End log dump...

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