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Reaper Forces Dossier

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Reaper Forces Dossier Empty Reaper Forces Dossier

Post by Sargo922 on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:56 pm

Please input clearance codes to access this document.

Code Accepted, welcome SSV Constantinople Crew

This information is classified and not to be distributed amongst Civilians without prior authorization from your commanding officer

The following information lists all known information on Reaper Forces currently encountered by allied forces

Not all enemies have a picture yet, as Intelligence has failed to produce a sufficient combat photograph of the creature or enemy in question.

Reaper Space Forces


Whilst not much is known about the history of this Reaper, deciphered Prothean information, as well as first-hand accounts from individuals such as Commander Shepard, this Reaper is the only one of it's size, towering above Sovereign Class Reapers and possessing almost triple the amount of firepower and defenses. This Reaper is easily identifiable by it's sheer size and the glowing orange eyes it possesses, rather than the red ones seen on other Reapers. Intelligence has decided that Harbinger is the current commander of all Reaper Forces in the Milky Way Galaxy and is currently the largest weapon the Reapers can field on the battlefield.

Reaper Forces Dossier Maxresdefault

Sovereign Class Reaper

The most commonly seen Reaper, the first time the galaxy encountered this class and size of Reaper was 2183 during the Battle of the Citadel. This Reaper was more than capable of smashing through the Citadel Defense Fleet without too much damage done to itself and it took the combined firepower of the Alliance Fifth Fleet to destroy Sovereign at the loss of several ships.

The Reapers utilize this deadly warship as both a Capital Ship and a Command and Control center for planetary invasions, with one alone being enough to subjugate an entire region of a planet with how many forces each Reaper can carry onto the surface. The Reapers provide heavy fire support to ground forces on the field and act as a anti-aircraft screen for attempted evacuations nearby the Reaper.

In space, Reapers are fast, heavily armed and capable of manuevers that would snap Alliance and Council ships in half if they attempted them, they also carry large quantities of automated Starfighters called Oculus, these fighters are armored and very manuverable, also carrying weapons that make them a threat to fighters and corvettes.

Reaper Forces Dossier Mass-effect-3-reaper-capital-ships
Sovereign Class Reapers engaging in battle with Alliance Warships

Destroyer Class Reapers

Unlike Harbinger or Sovereign Class Reapers, Destroyers are completely designed around their namesake; Destruction. Destroyers are not responsible or used for the harvesting of species on occupied worlds, instead they are used for assaulting and destroying positions that are too fortified for ground forces to assault, or the protection of strategic installations or locations. Whilst not nearly as armed or armored as a Sovereign class, Destroyers are still more than capable of destroying Cruisers in seconds, but are normally utilized as escort ships in space, engaging in battle with other destroyer and frigate class warships whilst the Sovereigns engage cruisers and capital ships.

Destroyers are extremely difficult to destroy in ground engagements, with anything short of Nuclear Weaponry or orbital bombardments doing little except annoy the Reaper. It's only known weakness is that the armor around the primary weapon is much thinner than the rest of the body, and that any attempts to attack the Reaper should be directed at this weak point. The risk however is overexposing oneself to it's primary weapon.

In space battles, Destroyers have been reported to land on board capital ships and directly fire their primary weapon into the hull at point blank range, causing horrific damage and often destroying the ship instantly.

Reaper Forces Dossier Reaper-Destroyer-mass-effect-3-30072658-1920-1080
A Reaper Destroyer during the Invasion of Earth


Oculus make up the bulk of the Reaper's fighter craft. These ships are extremely maneuverable, heavily armed and armored, their weaponry making them more than a match for any Council species starfighter and even causing them to be a threat to Corvettes and Frigates in battle. These fighters can also operate equally as effective in and out of atmospheric conditions.

Oculus fighters can also 'breach' into a starship, breaking off their wings and drilling into the hull of a ship, causing a decompression in the section it breaches, as well as allowing the Oculus to attack a ship from the inside with it's deadly laser weaponry. Small-arms fire is sufficient to destroy an Oculus in this circumstance, however it's heavy armor makes this a dangerous task, and it is often recommended that heavier weaponry be used against the Oculus if possible.

Reaper Forces Dossier 251?cb=20100127163002

Reaper Ground Forces


Going by the same name as their counterpart, Harvesters are mutated by Reaper technology, turning them into deadly airborne weapons that also function as dropships. Heavily armored and armed with a pair of head mounted cannons, Harvesters provide support for Reaper Ground forces and also reinforces them with Husks, Cannibals and Marauders in the field.

Their large wingspan allows them to move deceptively fast, allowing them to keep up with most atmospheric ships when in pursuit. When destroyed, Harvesters tend to explode violently, destroying anything within it's radius.

Reaper Forces Dossier Maxresdefault
A Reaper Harvester during the Invasion of Earth


Banshees are Asari Husks, their powerful Biotic potential retaining if not multiplying when being implanted with Reaper Technology, these deadly opponents are capable of teleportation, as well as a number of other biotic attacks in the field and are protected by a powerful Barrier that detonates in a shock wave when broken, as well as heavy armor capable of resisting high amounts of small arms fire.

Banshees tend to announce their presence with a loud and high pitched scream before entering the battle, it is speculated that Banshees do this as an act of psychological warfare on the Reaper's part, as the scream has had known reports of striking fear into soldiers that encounter such creatures and live to tell about it.

Reaper Forces Dossier Artdesign


Brutes are a unique combination of Turian and Krogan DNA mixed together with Reaper Technology. The resulting creature is large, heavily armored and extremely dangerous in close quarters combat. Often utilized as a breakthrough or assault unit by Reaper Forces, these tanky and deceptively fast creatures can completely shift the focus of a battle when deployed, as Council forces will prioritize these creatures and allow smaller units, such as Husks and Cannibals to cross the distance or flank the enemy.

Small arms fire is almost useless against the heavy armor of a Brute unless firing on specific weak points, such as the head, neck or spine. The armor on these creatures is strong but can also be broken with the use of heavy weapons, explosives, and detonation combos, such as Incendiary explosions triggered by concussive shots. Alliance forces have reported an increase in successful engagements against Brutes with the heavy use of detonation combos in junction with heavy fire superiority on the creature.

Brutes completely lack ranged weaponry, only dedicated to close quarters combat. They also tend to 'rage' like Krogan when sustaining a sufficient amount of damage, focusing their attention on the being or beings responsible for causing the most amount of harm to it, however they will attack the closest thing if they cannot reach the attacker in question.

Reaper Forces Dossier Latest?cb=20120320023753


Marauders are Turian Husks, armed with a Phaeston assault rifle usually, these units operate as Support unit, front-line combatant and squad leaders for the Reaper Forces, often seen leading Husks and Cannibals into battle. The only infantry ground unit short of Banshees to possess Shields, these units are tough and deadly at range, but are more dangerous in the fact that they can project a set of armored plates through unknown means onto Husks and Cannibals, allowing them to soak up much more damage. They also can more easily direct and control Husks and Cannibals in battle, allowing them to utilize more dangerous battle tactics rather than attempting to rush and swarm over the enemy.

There have been no recorded incidents where Marauders have been able to provide these armored plates to other Reaper Forces such as Brutes, Banshees or Collector Forces.

Alliance forces, as well as Citadel forces have adopted the policy of eliminating Marauders first in the field, as to make Husks and Cannibals more predictable and easier to destroy.

Reaper Forces Dossier Maxresdefault


Cannibals are Batarian Husks, mostly harvested due to the Reaper Invasion of the Milky Way originating from Batarian Space, Cannibals make up the primary forces of the Reapers alongside Husks. Armed with an arm mounted rifle and grenade launcher, Cannibals are aggressive and lightly armored, making them easy to deal with in the field.

Cannibals however gain their namesake from their ability to 'eat' the bodies of the fallen, granting them regenerative properties as well as the armored plates that can be given to them by Marauders. Alliance and Citadel forces have all reported for some strange reason that Cannibals seem to also gain a tactical increase when these plates are given to them one way or the other, making them smarter and more likely to utilize cover and maneuvers instead of simply rushing towards their target.

Reaper Forces Dossier Cannibal


The most commonly seen Reaper soldier since the Geth Conflicts of 2183, Husks have been present in all Reaper-aligned faction's forces, forming the front-line as aggressive and suicidal assault troops. Most commonly created from Humans, Husks are numerous but weak, capable of being taken out by single, well-placed shots if the soldier's accuracy is sufficient. The threat of a Husk comes from the sheer number of them in a fight, with one or two of them often surprising the defenders whilst they are focused on the main group rushing towards them.

Husks can benefit from the armor upgrades that Marauders can deploy, and when being lead by Marauders, Husks can be utilized as distraction units or flanking units to extremely high degrees, with their impressive ability to scale almost any surface as well as move at high speeds, Husks can be very dangerous if left unattended for too long.

Reaper Forces Dossier Latest?cb=20100623072143


Created from Vorcha, these Reaper units act as Scouts and Assassins, their impressive mobility allowing them to get to places where other Reaper forces couldn't, and recover from wounds that would render other Reaper soldiers dead or dying. In combat they utilize extremely sharp and deadly claws that can pierce right through shields and armor, similar to a Banshee's melee attack. Venators can be identified by the Hyena like laughing noise they make when they are nearby, however it has been reported that Venators have used this sound to lure soldiers into ambushes.


Whilst not the official name given to these creatures, Obliterators are huge, hulking behemoths that act as mobile weapons platforms for Reaper forces. Possessing the strength of several Krogan as well as the ability to 'Blood rage' when sustaining heavy damage. These creatures are heavily armored, able to withstand a massive amount of firepower, including anti-armor attacks and biotic assaults with little-to-no damage on the creatures. They are deadly in melee combat but their primary threat comes from their ranged weapon, which has a large number of firing modes, ranging to a high powered shot similar to a M-98 Widow, to Flamethrowers, Cryo guns, acid launchers, energy beams, grenade launchers, and even a massive missile launcher capable of untold destruction.

Obliterators also seem to possess poor sight, however are very sensitive to noise, stealth is recommended if encountering these creatures, as a single Obliterator is capable of wiping out entire squads of Alliance Marines without so much as breaking a sweat.


This creature bears similarities to an Asari, as well as possessing extremely high agility and are armed with a pair of deadly scythes on their arms capable of breaking through shields and armor almost instantly, however the Stalkers trade this agility and lethality to being extremely unarmored and easy to eliminate. It is theorized that this Stalker is created if the genetic template of the Asari is not meeting the requirements of creating a Banshee, and it is currently unknown whether the Stalker has access to Biotic related abilities after it's transformation.

Collector Forces

Collectors act as Special Forces and Elite Strike Units for the Reapers, they have appeared on ships designated as 'Black Arks', and these ships are just as powerful as the Collector Arks previously encountered during the Collector Abductions.

Space Forces

'Black Arks'

Almost identical to a Collector Cruiser, the Collectors utilize these ships in almost identical regard as their 2185 counterparts. Given the nickname by Alliance and Citadel forces, Collectors are a rare sight on the battlefield, and an even more rare sight in space, however the Collector Cruiser is extremely powerful on it's own, carrying multiple Oculus fighters and armed with a deadly particle lance that can rend even the most powerful warship to pieces with a few shots, however powerful Thanix class weaponry have proven to be extremely effective against the Cruisers in battle.

Reaper Forces Dossier Maxresdefault
A Collector Cruiser recorded in 2185 firing off it's deadly particle beam

Collector Ground Forces


First encountered in 2185, the Praetorian has largely remained the same in 2186, operating as a heavy assault unit for the Collectors and possessing powerful shields, armor, the ability to hover over objects, as well as possessing lethal close combat weaponry and a pair of deadly particle beams that can pierce through most cover.

Whilst rare, Praetorians are argueably one of the more dangerous weapons the Reapers can field, it's devastating weaponry, high tactical ability and immunity to certain effects such as stasis and stunning effects from Biotic Charges.

It is difficult to engage a Praetorian in combat from any range, however it is far more lethal up close where it's deadly close range attacks can be put into play, and the particle beams have much less time to travel to hit a target.

Recent intelligence has reported that this Collector unit is able to be 'possessed' by a Reaper during combat, multiplying it's combat, strategic and defensive abilities tenfold. Immediate disengagement or usage of extremely heavy weapons are advised when encountering a possessed enemy.

Reaper Forces Dossier 350?cb=20121201212320


First encountered in 2185, Scion's still provide the same artillery/heavy fire support role as they did during the Collector abductions. Armed with a powerful arm cannon capable of destroying armored vehicles with a few shots. The danger of the Scion does not dimish at closer ranges, as it's sheer size and bulk allow it to deliver devastating melee attacks capable of shattering bones and incapacitating even Krogan warriors.

Scions are extremely slow, their large size and firepower a huge trade-off for their speed, so often they are found in static positions, occasionally advancing or moving to find a better angle to fire at. The most notable weakpoints of a Scion are the head, and the large sacs found on it's upper back and spine. Otherwise, concentrated small-arms fire combined with tech or biotic assaults will bring down a Scion, but not after it has had a few opportunities to fire it's deadly cannon off.

Recent intelligence has reported that this Collector unit is able to be 'possessed' by a Reaper during combat, multiplying it's combat, strategic and defensive abilities tenfold. Immediate disengagement or usage of extremely heavy weapons are advised when encountering a possessed enemy.

Reaper Forces Dossier Latest?cb=20121201212433

Collector Captains

First encountered in 2185, the Collector Captain shares many, if not all, of the same abilites and roles it had during the Collector Abductions. Still acting as a leader and support specialist for the Collectors in the field. They possess moderately strengthened barriers and a powerful assault rifle, and also have the ability to fly and deploy Seeker Swarms onto the battlefield to harass/stun their enemies.

Recent intelligence has reported that this Collector unit is able to be 'possessed' by a Reaper during combat, multiplying it's combat, strategic and defensive abilities tenfold. Immediate disengagement or usage of extremely heavy weapons are advised when encountering a possessed enemy.

Reaper Forces Dossier 2Q==

Collector Troopers

Unlike their 2185 equivalents, the Reapers seem to have refocused the majority of their 'uniqueness' of their troops, rolling them all into one 'Trooper' class of infantry. These Reapers possess a variety of weapons, ranging from Collector SMGs to Collector Assault Rifles to Collector Particle Sniper Rifles for long range combat. They lack shields and barriers and are relatively easy to defeat, however their tactical ability makes them more dangerous than Cannibals and their ability to fly allows them to utilize more advantageous positions against their enemies.

When facing entrenched enemies, Collector Troopers will begin to utilize Frag grenades to force the enemy out of cover to allow for heavier units, such as Scions or Praetorians, to engage them more effectively.

Recent intelligence has reported that this Collector unit is able to be 'possessed' by a Reaper during combat, multiplying it's combat, strategic and defensive abilities tenfold. Immediate disengagement or usage of extremely heavy weapons are advised when encountering a possessed enemy.

Reaper Forces Dossier Z


A variant of the traditional Husks, Abominations look and act pretty much the same as a Husk, except their color palettes being switched around to Red instead of the traditional blue. In combat they act identical to their counterparts, but upon death or reaching the enemy, the Abomination can self destruct in an explosion with the force of multiple frag grenades, making them more dangerous than their Husk counterparts.

Recent intelligence has reported that this Collector unit is able to be 'possessed' by a Reaper during combat, multiplying it's combat, strategic and defensive abilities tenfold. Immediate disengagement or usage of extremely heavy weapons are advised when encountering a possessed enemy.

Reaper Forces Dossier Latest?cb=20100626055622

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Reaper Forces Dossier Empty Re: Reaper Forces Dossier

Post by Sargo922 on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:35 pm

Updated to include Obliterators and the new Reaper unit encountered during the final Italy event


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