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Year Of The Dog

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Year Of The Dog Empty Year Of The Dog

Post by Revival on Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:18 pm

The Lunar Year. A commonplace tradition spanning to ancient chinese times. Each year is designated to a certain animal of the Zodiac; much like the symbols of the Zodiac being jointed to a birth month.. In 2162; it was Wu Bizhong's birth year. The Year of the Water Dog. People born in this year are known to be brave and self-centered, even seemingly selfish; whilst being well-versed in dealing with financial issues and being relatively lucky. However, these traits didn't suit Wu at the start of his youth. He was nicknamed by his family Gou; dog. He wasn't nicknamed this because of his birth year; or the fact that he was self-centered or brave in how he acted. He gained his nickname because of his youth. When he was wandering the streets of Beijing, playing within the industrialized zones he stumbled across a dog who needed help. He was entangled in a barbed wire fence and was only just a young pup. Wu did not seem to understand the dangers of helping this dog; there was no way for him to protect against his childish body against the barbs, and he had no way to cut the wires with a tool. But he found a way through kicking the wire and prying it open just enough. Surprisingly; and to much of his own luck he was able to open the wired fence and leave unscathed with the puppy. He never understood if it was true bravery; and never cared to admit it.

Wu brought this stray puppy home with him; much to the chagrin of his family who were willing to sell it for money and to get a better standing within the streets of Beijing. But something about the puppy brought faith to Wu. The two of them seemed inseparable, even when he was going to school the dog was waiting for him. When he was bullied, a devistating growl by his dog would come from behind a bully who screamed for help as he ran away. Only for the dog to jump on top of Wu and lick him senseless. It was Wu's own good luck charm. He never needed to worry about it until later in his lifetime... or the time he was abducted.

When Wu was first going through puberty, he was abducted by Cerberus. It was only 2174 and he was twelve years old. Another year of the dog, it seemed like his life was changing through the twelve years and each one marked a period for him. It turns out Wu was going to be subject to Biotic testing, due to him showing Biotic capabilities, and his family only suspected his dog got him killed; yet the dog came back. He waited for his masters return, never seeing him again. But this was not what made Wu distanced from his own life... it was the experiments. Wu's body was scarred beyond belief, from whipping, to immense temperature changes, he grew heartless and cold. He became the perfect killing machine for Cerberus through testing and abuse. When he turned eighteen, he was given an option by his instructor. He could continue being a pig for Cerberus to continue testing biotic capabilities on; or he was allowed to sign up for the Phantom programs, to become one of Cerberus's top assassins and covert-operators.

Wu happily accepted his change of lifestyle.

Wu was put through years of tests and training to become one of the top Phantom operators for the Cerberus initiative. His name was scrubbed from the history books, there only existed three people who knew about Wu still. His mother, his father, and his dog. He had no name, no identification. He was only given the name Wolf. He was no canine by any beliefs, but he was a murderer and a killer; and his first true operation shown it. In 2184 he was given his first true mission; an assassination attempt on the Thantos family. A well respected Drell family with a son who is apart of the Hanar Military as an espionage agent. The Thantos family was found dead when their own personal ship was found drifting in deep space, their bodies and their personal bodyguards were all aligned with biotic force and swift sword cuts across each of their necks. When camera footage was found, there was gunfire and blue energy that disipated shortly. The Wolf was not found out, and Cerberus was never highlighted; yet the lone child started searching for the murderer, trying to find a lead.

This assassination made the Wolf a proficient killer, and he was put on more profile assassinations that Cerberus asked for him to cast. For two years his assassination attempts were unknown; Cerberus never was highlighted as the cause of the murders. But then the Reaper war struck the world in full force. Wolf was tasked to shut down an Alliance operation on Earth; and was covertly dropped in to his old hometown of Beijing. The reapers were striking in full force, and required him to move stealthily. He spotted various attacks and various reaper forces. All of which disgusted Wolf as a whole through his raised, bigoted ways. The Wolf soon came across a home, a kilometer out from his target. He stepped inside it to take shelter from incoming reaper troops. Walking through the house silently, the houseowners never bothered to take down the lunar year decorations of the year; The Year Of The Dog. The house was in a state of disrepair. There were pictures strewn about, of a young child in his youth, playing with dogs and animals all of his life. Some were professionaly drawn, of this same kid in an older state. Having a 'girlfriend', going to his own graduation, signing up for the Alliance Military, a new dog by his side. What kept his eye on a bit longer was a rather poorly forged Alliance certificate. A Certificate of a man by the name of Wu Bizhong, killed in action on Eden Prime in 2183. It was obvious the homeowners were dillusional, and The Wolf never questioned it. Stepping up the stairs, he heard a old, frail woman.

"Gou? Are you home? Gou?" She cried out. Followed what seemed to be a young dog, another puppy. Another life. The Phantom strolled through the house, unsheathing his blade, there were no cameras, it was only a dog and a senile woman. He didn't need to waste his time. He stroll up the stairs with a slow pace, not minding the creaking in the old wood as he opened the first room. It was a childs room, a poster of a Human war hero standing on the head of a Turian hung over the child sized bed. It was untouched, the entire room was uncleaned, and dusty from years of disuse. When he stepped in there, he felt something. He couldn't put his finger on it, as he picked up a small rubber ball, it was deflated, he didn't seem to know what brought him to pick up this old rubber ball; out of the many toys in this room, but something struck him. He closed the door behind him and entered the next room, what he found was unshocking to him.

A old, frail woman was standing at the end of the bed, with a dog that looked familiar; yet unfamiliar at the same time to the Cerberus Operative. The woman gleamed, as she called out again "Gou! It's you! It's really you!" the woman called out, as she went to hug The Wolf. The Wolf did not move, for he did not need to speak, he never spoke ever since the day he was an operative. He soon looked at the old woman, he was supposed to be seen by nobody... and he had to dispatch those who saw him. But this old lady was at the end of her life, she was senile, and reaper forces were coming up the street. He let the woman hug him, it might be her only chance of happiness left. As she soon let go, he felt something clawing at his boots, drawing his blade and driving his blade downwards, only to stop as he saw it was only the small, vaguely familiar dog. He picked it up in his right hand, moving it to a natural cradling position. He left the house, much to the chagrin of the senile old woman who was yelling at whoever 'Gou' was. He walked out with the dog, and continued on with his mission. Soon stopping on a roof top overseeing the Alliance Operation.

The Alliance Operation seemed to be a Reaper defense, transferring civilians off of Beijing or into hiding. It was an operation they wanted The Wolf to shut down, and he did so. Stealthy walking towards an opening, dropping the dog as he got to work. The soldiers never saw it coming, and soon he was finished, his armor and blade coated with blood, the bodies dismembered. He soon looked around at his chaos, it was another job. The job felt different, a twinge of guilt struck him but it was just his job. The Wolf finished it as he soon started to walk away, no dog in hand, and no target in sight.

A sound banged off of his barrier, breaking and knocking him into the ground. A second round knocked up and hit him square in the back, he heard the expunging of a clip, as a kid frantically yelled out. The Wolf stood up, and used his blade to get back up, looking at the person who shot at him. It was just a kid, he couldn't have been older than seventeen, holding a shotgun tightly, aimed directly at The Wolf. The Phantom walked up to this man, the blade etching the ground as he looked at the Kid. Before he heard the puppy growl. He turned his head and felt the puppy claw at him, anger in his eyes as it looked back at the kid, running to defend him. The kid scared in fear, as the man looked up, Keeping himself upright as a Reaper crashed down onto the surface of the earth, close to the Alliance Base. The kid and the dog both stumbled to the ground, as The Phantom looked up towards the Reaper with disinterest.

The Phantom soon accepted his fate, The Wolf howled no more and called no more. Sliding his blade over towards the kid, who grabbed it and ran inside a tunnel, carrying a Katana and the Phantom's sword. The Wolf turned his head and sat on the ground, looking up the Reaper. His mind flashing, slowly regaining who he once was. His name was Wu Bizhong. He was a kid who had his childhood stolen from him by Cerberus, as a biotic forcibly trained and forced to murder and kill for a group who wasn't supposed to help them at all. He was born in 2162, The Year Of The Dog... it was funny to Wu; this was another Year of the Dog, and he never achieved what he truly was. He was never brave when he thought he was brave, he was a coward who thought he was going to be powerful. He was self-centered, until his very end where he let the kid go... but the rest of his life he was focused on himself. He was never good with money, he never had a chance to be good with it. His nickname was Gou; that puppy that ran off with the kid must have been a puppy from his childhood dog. The old woman may have been his mother... he never knew. The woman in the drawings might have been his wife. He always wanted to serve for a military faction... he never specified which one. The Year Of The Dog was soon coming to a close however, and Wu watched the Reaper unfurl its beam, closing his eyes for what might be his last time, there were no screams, there were no sounds. The Reaper spoke, there was a horn blare, and a blinding flash of red light, and then...


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