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The River Styx

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The River Styx Empty The River Styx

Post by Lapis on Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:30 pm

Jack leaned back in his chair, taking a long drag from yet another cigarette. Though genetic modification could do great things, it could not reverse the damage done to his voice by chain smoking. His voice sounded greatly aged, well beyond his years. He blew the smoke from his mouth as he stared at the various diagrams floating in front of him. Star-charts, photographs of Reapers, and reports from various research cells all were displayed by holograms, in front of the brilliant red supergiant that his secretive station orbited. He tapped a console on the right arm of his chair, bringing up a direct link to one of his intelligence cells. “What have you found on the crew that attacked the ship carrying Project Nullam?” He took another drag from the cigarette as the operative answered. “SSV Constantinople. Commanding officer is a Lieutenant Commander Greene, XO is Staff Lieutenant Banner. Both of them are Alliance, and Greene is the second human Spectre, as I’m sure you are aware. Crew is the best the Alliance has to offer. Mostly human, but a few alien attaches.” Jack pondered this for a moment, before asking, “Do we have any leverage? Anyone with information, any contacts on board?” The operative remained quiet for a split second before answering, “No. The child of one of our military heads is aboard, but we have no contact with him and his disdain for our organization is well documented.” Jack locked eyes with the operative over the feed, giving his answer. “Make this the spearhead for Project Mutatio.” The operative smirked, before cutting the feed. Jack rested his free hand on his forehead, sighing as he put out his cigarette. He tapped the link again, bringing up the handler for the Dragoon division. “Get me the latest one on this. Make sure he’s ready at a moment’s notice.” The handler nodded as the feed was cut. ‘This would make for a very interesting play,’ Jack thought to himself. ‘Very interesting indeed.
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