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Above The Law

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Above The Law Empty Above The Law

Post by Vasiil on Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:12 pm

The storage compartment was completely black, the sounds of rumbling storage containers drowned out the sound of the armed breathing men in the back of the CF-2 'Mini-Freight' supply car speeding across the Tayseri Wards skylane. There were five men in total, wearing unmarked armor, wielding unregistered weapons, all their faces concealed one way or another. These 'men' weren't all men, one salarian, two turians, two humans, diversity fitting the Citadel. Every race had characteristics and individuals, many times individuals think alike and this is when alien races get along best, when they're united in ideology, especially against their antithesis. In the case of the Citadel and its council it was order, as opposed to the Terminus races and their chaos, a chaos that had been seeping into the Citadel for far too long.

The Supply Car began to decelerate, coming to a stop at an 'unused' supply platform. The Citadel was huge and it had rats using the most remote locations, they had the seekers maintaining it after all. Five men waited in the darkness, their weapons were ready to fire. Four who had been sitting down stood up and came up to the flanks of the human in the center, standing the whole ride in front of the cargo spaces double wide doors. He was excited to commence this operation, his operation, a whole months work of intelligence gathering, planning and evading.

A dozen pairs of feet could be heard approaching the supply car, at the same time the driver opened his cab door, slamming it shut shortly after. The group of a dozen met the one driver at the doors. The standing human now raised his unfolded pistol, it was completely silent in the container. Voices finally spoke up, a raspy sounding turian "You're five minutes late on this shipment. That's short enough for the Special Response Team to show up, if they happened to know about it. You keep fucking up like this and we're not just gonna cut ties with you, we're gonna silence a potential rat." The driver was silent for a few moment before speaking very calmy and confident "Shut the fuck up before I punch you right in your stupid face, Articus. C-sec doesn't even know this place exists so how about you get your weapons and you can play big guy with your little ass kissers here." Only an annoyed grunt came from the Raspy Turian, he opened his omnitool and forces the containers doors open.

The human in the middle of the container only had to adjust his aim a few centimeters and he was already on the Turians head. There was no hesitation, no chance to react. Muzzle flare flashed from the Predator, the slug went straight through the turians head, his kinetic barriers were far too close to activate for the projectile, he died instantly. The Turians on the Container mans flank opened fire immediately, pouring a torrent of fire onto the unsuspecting gangsters. The salarian fired an incendiary device in the middle of them, three were engulfed in flames. The other human picked off the farthest targets, disabling them from running then finishing them. It took twenty seconds before the last wounded gangster was shot in the head and killed.

The Driver looked upon the carnage and put his hands on his hips. The men in the container jumped out. The man who had been standing in the middle looked over the bodies "12 dead gangsters, not corrupting the streets, not filling the prisons and with stellar efficiency. I told you boys that you wouldn't regret this." The two Turians nodded their heads, one spoke "So now you just load up the empty supply car and do what with the bodies?" The Salarian spoke up "Jettison into space I imagine, atmosphere only goes up 7 meters, bodies too small to detect, no one cares in this part of the ward. Very efficient." The human in the middle looked at the group "Well, Kelcus, Caelcus and Prodin seem to be satisfied. What about you, Hackman?" The other armed human looked around before speaking up "Well, I'm satisfied, and you'll handle the rest. Well, look forward to working with you again, then, Agent Frumorn."

The Man in the Middle spoke confidently under his helmet "You can just call me Calvin. You guys can go ahead and head to the EP I set up, you punch in in a couple hours. Tayseri ward needs its officers. Next meeting will be Saturday, same place and time. All the officers nodded and promptly departed. Calvin looked over at his driver, wearing nothing but utilities with a jacket and hat "All those trigger squeezes and here you are with no gun, yet you have the biggest balls, if I could give you a raise I would, Abner." The Driver immediately went to work grabbing the first body "Very funny, Calvin." It was a joke to suggest that operations like this would be on an official paygrade. Calvin went to help his hired friend and the two sped off in the Supply Car. The platform was empty and silent again as if no one was ever there because as far as millions of people on the citadel were concerned, no one ever was there.

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